Killer Instinct (2013)

Benjamin Himes

This game is sublime! I’ve never taken to a fighting game quite like it. If it were music it would definitely fall into heavy metal. The pace is quick and the game is programmed to prevent spamming through the use of combo breakers. In the month and a half I’ve been playing I’ve had the pleasure of playing with three friends in a series of back and forth matches where the tides of battle can turn in a heartbeat. The momentum built up chaining combo moves has the effect of a kind of invincibility, an invincibility spawned from persistence and passion.
When I first started, the two characters I was advised to start with were Riptor and Sabrewulf, two characters whose hack and slash abilities were easy to understand and pick up. Eventually, logging in time with Thunder, Rash, and both iterations of Jago became essential in order to gain a wider perspective on how to play against them, and to play around with how they match up with the others. If I had to choose one character to master it would be Riptor, his attacks, combos, and throws are tasty and fun to watch.
One of my friends who plays is the one who owns the game and plays online regularly. One match we go over fairly consistently is Riptor versus Sabrewulf. These matches are tight, where not one of us gains a full head of steam when it comes to knocking off large chunks of health, gaining a combo-breaker, or trapping in the corner. Each match increasing in intensity, the anticipation for such a match is bewildering.
This is by far of the top fighting games I’ve played and I highly recommend it to any newcomers of fighting games.


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